Smokin' Joe's Food Products

Created from Family Recipe Created in 1800's

Smokin’ Joe’s Fish Batters are excellent for satisfying your cooking needs when you grill, bake or fry – fish, seafood, chicken, meats and of course, old fashioned salmon patties.  Smokin’ Joe’s Original and Cajun Fish Batters also punches up the flavor of grilled, baked or fried  vegetables – such as, sliced green tomatoes, okra, potatoes, squash, pickles and more.   

Also, top off your cooked fish, seafood, chicken, burgers, meats and hot dogs with flavor filled Smokin’ Joe’s Original and All Natural Cajun Gourmet Tartar Sauces.

When you taste Smokin’ Joe’s Fish Batters and Gourmet Tartar Sauces you will know why “You Won’t Rest Until You’ve Tried The Best.”


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